Have YOU ever had YOUR drywall damaged with a door knob slamming into the wall and leaving a hole? A towel bar falling off the wall and taking a chunk of drywall with it? Or a repair person putting a FOOT through your ceiling?

It’s life and it happens! AND there is a light at the end of the tunnel….
THIS recently happened to us and our relatively NEW house (not quite 2 years old)!

Some of you may have been a part of the story with the FACEBOOK posting that I made….a few days ago.
‘Forgot to mention that the HEAT repair guy put his BIG FOOT through my ceiling in the Family Room today. Glad David was here instead of me…..this house would have been ankle deep in 4 letter words! He’s glad he was here instead of me, too! ……it’s funny now, but I’m glad that I missed the drama and it was cleaned up when I got home (except that gaping footprint is all taped up like a big silver bandaid)!’

I was not a happy camper, let me tell you, but the Heat and Air Service people that damaged my great looking coffered ceiling with “big foot” (size 14 footprint), were very quick with the customer service and drywall repair, not to mention getting the heat back “on track”. The drywall repair person was here the next day for the assessment with the owner of the company and then the day after to start the repair! I had a smile on my face once again!

So, what an opportunity to show you the steps that were taken to turn this eye sore into my beautiful ceiling again!

 The first part of the repair.

AND he did a repair without making too much mess….a wonderful thing because dry wall dust tends to land everywhere! He cleaned up behind himself every day too…..which is a must. YOU still have to clean again, but getting the worst of it out the door is SO key and goes a long way with that customer service!


HELPFUL HINT! NOW, I did move every accessory, mirror, and furniture piece away from the project area and we did cover with a tarp! You need to be careful with your personal items, even the repair of a repair! Can you tell that I’ve been there, done that before? Yes, I have!

Finally, back to my beautiful coffer ceiling!  He did a great job and I’m a Happy Camper!


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