Blending the Old and the New…

It can be an art to blend your “old things” or antiques even, with newer,  more contemporary pieces.  My thought is that when you accomplish this eclectic feel, it is much more of a timeless look and less a trendy look.

This room is a great example of good design that can be “in style” for decades.  Therefore, your investment in your interiors will pay off in a big way for years to come.  It’s an area that speaks to you, reflects the character, and is good design.

Check out and bookmark to view great design works every week with a different theme displayed with examples from designers around the world.

This week, Cumby Hammock-Cobb with Cumby’s Interiors is a featured designer! Enjoy…


Ava Living Feb 2011 Eclectic


Ava Living Member

I have excellent news just for you, whether you are building your DREAM home or redecorating the home of your DREAMS, we can create a custom designed interior just for you – uniquely yours, inspired by you -created with your functions, needs and desires as part of the design plans…..right down to the last detail.

Just Call Cumby @ 404 483 4174 or email to schedule your initial consultation!

Speaking of Call Cumby, could you or someone you know use some help in making decisions, planning meals, organizing closets, getting that home office clutter under control, even cooking dinner? It’s as simple as CALL CUMBY! Our experienced team can do all that for you and much, much more! Call Cumby today for information on pricing and learn about our stress-free, hassle-free packages to get it all done!


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