Creative Ideas are All Around Us!

Altar area

Altar area with vibrant reds.

This past weekend, I went “home” for a special anniversary in my hometown.  Celebrating 100 years in the St. Luke congregation and building at Mt. Zion – St. Luke Lutheran Church was the occasion.  (Mt. Zion combined with this congregation about 60 years ago.)

My sister and I grew up in this church and my dad grew up in this church, too.  When my mom and dad married, some 57 years ago, my mom also joined the Lutheran Church and also became their Music Director for all of these years.  Of course, my dad served on many a council and taught Sunday School, just to name a few contributions…

So, with just a small notation that our family has been very involved, and my grandparents before, this was a “big deal” for me to clear my calendar!  I also decided to help by singing  “Let Heavenly Music Fill This Place” in my mom’s choir.  Yes, she is still directing (as she can) at 83.

stained glass windows

Beautiful windows surround the sanctuary on all 4 walls.

I really enjoyed the day, the festivities, seeing many old friends and pastors who had come to participate in the celebration too, and the scrumptious Southern Style Family Dinner that followed!

This old church is alive and well and has so many beautiful architectural features that have never changed over the years, even though there have been renovations, the character is still the same.  AND the beautiful stained glass windows fill the sanctuary with memorials to many dedicated parishioners through the years.  My grandparents were honored with a window many years ago….

Stained Glass Window

Beautiful stained glass windows were custom made to fit the architecture of the existing windows

AND in some cleaning up and reorganizing of some closets and storage areas, quite a few OLD paraments and stoles were found that were no longer used in the altar area, but were also given as a memorial many years ago.

One talented and creative seamstress, that is a member of the church, took on the task of recycling these beautiful “pieces” into banners that hang in the church.  I was really taken with her work, her creativity and of course the majesty of these elements in the church.   Memories preserved and mission accomplished!  So, I just had to share with you…

Recycle, Refresh, and Rejuvenate are words that should be in our vocabulary!


Beautiful banners that hang in the sanctuary and in the 2 narthexes


Beautiful banners that hang in the sanctuary and in the 2 narthexes


Beautiful banners that hang in the sanctuary and in the 2 narthexes


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