The Power of Green!

Isn’t it amazing that just mentioning a color can evoke such powerful images and thought processes in our every day?  GREEN is one of those “influential” colors…  Let’s take a look at some examples that illustrate the power of green.

GREEN is a symbol of rebirth with the new foliage peeping out on the tree branches and popping up out of the ground with the warmer days of Spring.  It’s a promise that we can count on every year – the cycle of life.

GREEN can also refer to the color of money.  So, with the visual of our treasury bills and the color, it also has a financial connotation.  Who doesn’t think about money on a daily basis?

It also has a “forward feeling” about it with GO on your mind.  Getting a green light is a positive notion in many aspects….in conversation, in emotions, and in attitude.  Don’t you think?

We now also refer to “GREEN products” or “going GREEN” that is much kinder to Mother Earth in many ways.  The design avenue of GREEN has a newer meaning as well, with interior selections becoming more and more organic and user friendly with the environment.  That is with fabrics, paint, lighting, furniture, footprints, etc.

And of course the color GREEN is relaxing, soothing, cool and comfortable with your interiors.

How does the POWER of GREEN play out in your mind, emotions and interiors?  It’s impactful in my environment~


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