Thank you Facebook~

Thanks to Facebook and the power of the internet, I am finding many of my good “ole  friends” from our college days at UGA.  Several of us lived in Creswell and Church Hall together….and we are starting to find each other on Facebook after many years being out of touch.

I was in Hiawassee, the North Georgia Mountain town, for a wedding this weekend and stopped in to see my friends Melanie and Kerry while we were there.  We haven’t seen each other in a number of years (and I’m not telling how many!)

Melanie and me...

Melanie and Kerry own the Boundary Waters Resort and Marina….a beautiful place!  If you want a great get away – this could be the place for you!  I can’t wait to go back….

Beautiful scenery with mountains and lake included....Ah....

Fun in a two seater....for the lake!

We are going to get together again for another reunion again soon.  I can not believe how our lives have been so very close in our paths over the years, living just a few miles apart, yet we didn’t know….Unbelievable~

THANKS to Facebook we are rekindling great friendships  and I promise to let you know when we are back in the Boundary Waters area again~

Check it out for your getawary plans, too!  Hey, and tell them that Cumby sent you…..


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