Trusted friend of mine…

Have you ever become very attached to “something”?   Please bear with me, on a personal note….yet a very important aspect of my interiors business…..

I’m referring to my vehicle, which is much more to me than just trasportation, let me tell ya.  I have a major emotional attachment here…

It is in reality just an ‘ole Expedition to those looking at it “from the outside”…but to me, it’s a trusted friend, an extension of me in so many ways.  Why, you ask?

My RED Expedition

1. It’s red, one of my favorite colors!  And it sports my GA Bulldog tags quite well.

The GA trailer hitch - yep, it's mine!

2. It’s big and can be seen in traffic and has a bit of an intimidation factor on the road.  BUT, I can manuever it easily in a parking lot or in a tight spot better than most ~ 

3. It’s been so dependable for 7 years (where did the time go?) and for close to 220,000 miles.

4. It’s the best vehicle that I have ever had and only my 7th one that I’ve owned (and I owned an Expedition before this one too) so you see I do drive them long and hard….

5. It’s been a great investment in that it’s hauled kids (of all ages), loved ones (even if we did have to secure a step stool for the over 70 crowd to get in), my canine child – Ely and his kennel, lots of wonderful furniture, impressive plumbing fixtures and accessories, custom cabinetry, beautiful artwork, dynamic lamps, fabulous tabletopper pieces, and much much more.  Many valuables that speak to me and to my business….

It’s seen a lot of action in these past years but it’s only “grazing in the pasture” as I sport another vehicle for my daily activities.  YET, I’ve needed it quite a bit lately, with hauling artwork and accessories….

No worries, trusted friend, you are going to have many more duties in the days ahead.  You are not being replaced, just enhanced by a partner that compliments you in many ways.

The new ride, my Kia, Sorento.  And the color, Java.  Does that say something about where I am in my thought processes these days?  

Funny thing, no one recognizes me in the Kia!  I was meeting a sales rep (and friend) this morning for a plumbing consultation and she didn’t think I was there because she didn’t see my Expedition!  That’s the most recent comment of several stories.  So, maybe it’s not my character vehicle, YET…..   What do you think?

I have excellent news just for you, whether you are building your DREAM home or redecorating the home of your DREAMS, we can create a custom designed interior just for you – uniquely yours, inspired by you -created with your functions, needs and desires as part of the design plans…..right down to the last detail.

Just Call Cumby @ 404 483 4174 or email to schedule your initial consultation!

2 Responses to “Trusted friend of mine…”
  1. Debbie says:

    You will have to tie a red and black ribbon on the Kia, so I will recognize you. Can’t wait for my first ride and intro to your new friend!

  2. Hey Cumby,
    I feel the same way about my car! I had to get a new one last year and got another Honda Odyssey which has a long bed when I take out the seats. Perfect to take window treatments from my studio to a clients house.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Kathryn Dillon

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