Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda

Do you ever have those times in your life? I think we all do….whether it is applicable to our everyday lives, our careers, our family, our health or our interiors!

Do you have a chair that looks like this one? And needs some TLC?

Well this one is famous, from the sitcom ALL IN THE FAMILY, and is now in the Smithsonian. They had a good reason for not reupholstering, but if you have a chair that looks a little bit dated or “rough around the edges”, it may be time to tackle your project!

So, if you had the chance with your interiors, what would you do, if given the chance on your Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda?

* Would you find a new headboard for your Master Bedroom?

* Could you finally get that mirror hung that’s been sitting in the corner?

* Would you remodel your Kitchen to be more functional and updated?

* Could you tackle those outdated window treatments in the Dining Area?

* Should you CALL CUMBY for help in your interiors?

YES, you can very easily make those changes, save yourself some time and money by making wise decisions!

Funny story….. My daughter and her family just moved back to my hometown, and into the house that she and I lived in there. Yes, LIFE is full circle, isn’t it?

It’s been a lot of fun with her “downsizing” to get the “cast offs” that she doesn’t have room for, that she wants to hold on to for later (in storage in my basement), or that she’s not interested in any more.

Some of these items have found great locations in my home!

Check out these planters that had faded and rusted a bit, out in her back yard. I painted them charcoal, added topiary trees and now they flank my front doors!

And one chair that I love (and found for her inspiration in their Master Bedroom several years ago), she took to my mom’s house instead of leaving it at mine. You know why? She is afraid I wouldn’t give it back! HA!

[There’s furnishing and accessorizing their home – and our “old home” -with their personality and character – from the paint colors to the finishing details. I’m sure it will be a blog topic for a future read…..we’ve had a good time, even though it’s been a little “bittersweet” for me with the memories there….]

With the extreme heat, we are focusing on our interior spaces! So take your “do over” opportunities to a new level….


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