Sit on it!

If you need more opportunities in your interiors for seating, why not try other options and don’t just SIT ON IT!

A bench can be used in front of the fireplace hearth or at the end of a bed....

A large ottoman can double for a cocktail table!

Table or a "hot seat"?

Seating for 2? Tuck your smaller ottomans under a console table and pull them out as needed.

on a Safari....

Two can be better than one....

An ottoman that a cocktail table and storage & display shelf as by JetkatDesign

Traditional bench that fits nicely at the end of the bed to hold bedcoverings at night, by JetKetDesign

Need some storage? Storage ottomans come in all sizes and shapes and customized to your needs....

“Interiors” pictures were taken at Lisa Thompson and Assoc & Webb-Marsteller Showrooms as well as client photography from Cumby’s Interiors portfolios & albums

I have excellent news just for you, whether you are building your DREAM home or redecorating the home of your DREAMS, we can create a custom designed interior just for you – uniquely yours, inspired by you -created with your functions, needs and desires as part of the design plans…..right down to the last detail.

Just Call Cumby @ 404 483 4174 or email to schedule your initial consultation!


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