Recently, I am discovering more and more that I am very attracted to the BLUES…. How about you?

Softer blues are a “hot color” right now for interiors….in paint colors, wallpaper, artwork, fabrics,  furniture,  and accessories.  


  1. We are searching for calmness in our lives and less chaos….the soft blues give us that feeling….
  2. It’s a beautiful color to work with (done correctly), coordinating with many other colors very nicely, from chocolates to grays to yellows and raspberries…
  3. With ceilings becoming more of the 5th wall in a room, it’s a great place to use a soft blue, if it coordinates in your color scheme….Hey, the sky is blue, why not your ceiling?
  4. It’s a great “neutral” in many respects with your color scheme too, but be careful in the color selections to not turn your ceiling or your room into a “swimming pool” blue!
  5. It’s a “cool” color that can give you a “warm” feeling….

I am using the BLUES more and more with my clients and their interiors and guess what, I’m actually thinking that I will use this paint color for my office to give it a “face lift” with the blues, too!

You can find more pictures and posts about the “blues” on my blogs.  Follow me there…   Call Cumby and Cumby’s Southern Drawl.

Your Design Homework 

I hope you can “sing” about the blues too, with your interiors….. Are you ready to freshen up your interiors too?  And IF you know of a friend that needs designing help with their interior blues, please feel free to forward this ezine to your friend(s)!  Just CALL CUMBY @ 404 483 4174 or email me


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