Pull Up a Seat and Sit a Spell…

 With the Fall temperatures in the air and the leaves beginning to turn into its familiar color palette that warms our days and hearts, it’s time to think about the entertaining months on our calendars!

Yes, the HOLIDAYS are just around the corner!  Can you believe it?  Several clients are getting their homes ready for the arrival of family,  friends dropping in, and entertaining opportunities galore.

It’s a good time to realize and maybe even begin to assess and evaluate your needs for a successful FALL, ushering in the HOLIDAY season in your home.  I have found that the overwhelming vision is on the conversation and entertaining areas – the place where your guests will “sitting for a spell”.   It’s important to make these areas WORK and function for you correctly….

  1. Do you have sitting areas to accommodate you and your guests?
  2. Have you evaluated your conversation areas for function and ambience?
  3. Do you have adequate tabletop space?
  4. Does your “gathering area” accommodate your family needs and organization on a daily basis as well?
  5. Have you attended to the details with comfort as well as visual appeal?

A pair of stools works great for an added seating option that doesn’t require a lot of space.  They can be placed in an open side of the conversation area, in front of the fireplace,  or in front of a window or sizable piece of furniture/built-in.  

For example, I placed a fabulous pair of red square stools at a client’s home at the foot of their Master bed for extra seating.  BUT, it is also very nice that these same stools can float as a pair in the Sun Room for extra seating or in front of the fireplace in the Family Room.  They are versatile as well as dynamic in design!

These fabulous leather stools can work very similarly –

If you prefer a large ottoman for extra seating in your conversation area,  you might want to consider extra options too.  Does the ottoman offer you extra storage inside for “hiding” your stuff (or even bedding, if it’s accompanying a sofa bed), maybe a shelf for your magazines stacks, or is it tightly upholstered enough to work as a table for a large tray?  It can serve as an extra seat as well as a table!  A multi-tasking ottoman~

 There are also smaller ottomans that have storage space for hiding the kids “toys” or your messy paperwork.  They are awesome~

Are your “tabletops needs” met for your conversation areas? It is important to remember the surface spots for your “drink glass” and appropriate lighting needs for your seating areas too!  I love lamps so much more than overhead lighting in the conversation areas.  Don’t you?  Of course a great chandelier over your Dining Room table or your Breakfast Room table is an important detail too!

AND the Comfort Zone is important as well.  You certainly want your seating – your chairs, your sofa – comfortable as well as functional and fabulous in design.  Add additional comfort to your seating with great accent pillows!

Can’t you just smell the pumpkin bread in the oven?  Hear the crackling of the fire warming the Family Room?  See your guests “oo-ing and ah-ing” over your fabulous new additions?  Taste the chocolate torte dessert and coffee after a fabulous dinner? 

Start making your design choices NOW…..time’s a wastin’!  Company’s a comin’ and you gotta be ready!  Let’s get to fixin’ your house for the Holidays!


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