Luxurious Footsteps ~

A Christmas time picture of the steps with the neutral carpet..

We started talking about replacing the stair carpet last year at Christmas time, but a few steps had to happen first… the right order to work for the client’s lifestyle and daily routines.

1.  It was a goal to change up the look of the Foyer.  But other areas were also affected with the floor covering and the stain color of the floors, the stair treads, and the handrail.  So we decided to address all the areas at the same time.

2. Wall to wall carpet was removed in the upstairs areas as well as the downstairs.  Hardwood was installed and a deep, rich stain was applied to the wood, new and old to unify the areas. You can see the difference in the stain here…

A view of the stair treads, NAKED~

We had replaced the light fixture last year with this magnificent addition, replacing the "typical" brass traditional one that had hung there.

Photo by Holly Hess Photography

3. We selected a carpet for the stairs to really make a statement, and we decided that the 4×6 rug that had been here for years, should be moved up to the Guest Bedroom and this is the new rug to coordinate with our carpet.  Another rug was selected to be used at the landing at the top – both to coordinate better with the ebony backgrounds.  The floors in the Foyer are marble.

Now the accessories and the black finishes pop with this beautiful wool carpet....

Rich ebonies, luxurious steps....what a transformation~

A few more changes in the Foyer and we’ll be ready for Christmas decorating again soon.


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