If your family is like our family, we do revisit many of our traditions with the THANKSGIVING meal with good ole favorites ….. the traditional Turkey and Dressing with all of our favorites accompaniments, such as Sweet Potato Soufflé , Broccoli Casserole, Squash Casserole, Pecan Pie, and other homemade goodies. The Dressing is a Family Favorite that has been “the recipe” and passed down to my sister and me, from Mama’s recipe collection. I showed Noah the little booklet that dates back to the early 70’s for this traditional THANKSGIVING Treat when we were grocery shopping! You should have seen his eyes get big at the idea of using this “ancient recipe”! HA!

Our family’s traditions probably revolve more around the food and menu than anything else. I often wonder about families traditions, through the eyes of Hollywood, with the well dressed families sitting at a table with the silver, crystal and fine china. We have never celebrated Thanksgiving in a formal manner, but more of a family style feeling with lots of casual comfort in our day…. We did try celebrating Thanksgiving one year at the beach, with the dressing of course as part of the menu, with a seafood flair. We all enjoyed it and the change, but that was about 10 years ago and we haven’t repeated that tradition again…… yet.

What is Thanksgiving?

It’s a time to reflect on what we are thankful for…. Don’t you think? We are GIVING THANKS for many things…..

It may that you are grateful for a beautifully bright oasis for retreats
in your Master Bedroom  or perhaps for your guests in the Guest
Or you may be grateful and thankful for the memories…..  Adding a
little nostalgia is important – making a framed collage of keepsakes is
an excellent way of displaying those important pieces.
OR are you very grateful and thankful for the Grandchildren coming to
visit and you are ready with a great KIDS ZONE in your home with their
needs in mind….  What a great use of space!
OR are you grateful and thankful for your fabulous Screen Porch that
offers a sanctuary to you for your morning coffee, your quiet reading
spot, or enjoying the sounds of nature while swinging in your fabulous
swing!  OR maybe even a nice oasis for the pets to lounge….

OR you are so grateful and thankful to have your little “princess”
enjoying her fabulous retreat with sweet dreams in shades of Pinks and
Yellows, her favorite colors, and her custom bedroom fun is “just for
OR you are so very grateful and thankful for storage space and for the
best organized closet of all!  With everything in order in
your closet, your life is in order too.  Sweet Dreams can be
found here, too!
OR you are grateful and thankful for rich and beautiful wood for your Study that is graced with many fantastic books that you have read and enjoy again and again.
OR just cast your old blues away with welcoming the Country French and Blues into your Kitchen and Breakfast Room.  You are grateful for such a wonderful Kitchen to spend many hours cooking for your family……and especially at THANKSGIVING. from Traditional Home
Let us give THANKS with family
for all that we celebrate this Holiday Season!…the most wonderful
time of the year….. 
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