DAWG Days….

My husband, David, and I both have birthdays in November.   WE scored big on GO DAWGS gear this year for Birthdays and Christmas~ IF you have any clue about us and UGA football, you know that we bleed red and black!  We do love football and especially our GA Dawgs!


And Hairy Dawg met us for a picture moment at the GA pregame festivities…. Image

Check out David’s new toaster, complete with the G logo!  We have to brand the bread even before a grilled cheese sandwich is complete! Image

AND he got a GA rain gauge and we got a new GA accessory in metal, to be hung up yet, for our screen porch I am thinking….

How do you like my new accessories? My girlfriends know what I like! Image

A “fascinator” for my hair….. Image

My “Spirit Fingers” gloves….

And fabulous G earrings!

Love it!

Even Ely is ready, sporting his new necklace that he got from Santa~

Snoozing comfortably in front of the door....

We are a supersticious duo – so I have all the good karma accessories ready for the BOWL game ( I have the gloves, but it’s too hot to wear them )!  GO DAWGS, Sic’em!

Ringing in the NEW YEAR with good football karma!


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