An Unexpected Treat!

In December, I went to my granddaughter’s ballet recital – Coconut Cracker – in Americus, GA.  It was a “take off” of the traditional Nutcracker with a tropical theme.  We thoroughly enjoyed seeing Reese perform with all of the other participants, as well.


This is Reese with my mom, after the performance with her bouquets of flowers!

Of course, she was absolutely fabulous with her 2 dance routines and she really enjoyed being on the stage at the Rylander Theater.  She will be a dancer for years to come, I do believe….

Because I had to get my mom and me in there a little early with her wheelchair accessibility, we had some time to “kill” while sitting there in the theater.  I started looking around at the wonderful details in the architecture there and pulled my camera out of my purse so that I could share with you, too!  The lighting was ready for a performance, so bear with me and the photography.  I think I did pretty good, considering….


What a beautiful paint color and patina – perfect for the theater’s interior!


More details looking up at the ceiling…..


Details of the molding…


The vaulted ceiling is beautiful and highlight the moldings even more, but I decided to give you the up close versions above as well as this overall look at the ceiling.  


These panels were in the theater too – used as accents.


Take another look – at all of the details, even the EXIT sign looks awesome, doesn’t it?


These 2 pictures are a little bit blurry, but you can see the awesome details around the balcony area that really got my attention!  I couldn’t leave these out…..


Look at the awesome seating inside….


THIS is a close up of the seating end caps.  JUST AWESOME details and I didn’t get them all!  If you have a chance to go to this theater, it’s worth the visit to see the theater, the performance is just icing on the cake!



2 Responses to “An Unexpected Treat!”
  1. I do love all the architectural details in older public buildings! Thank you for showing us the beauty of the theatre. The picture of your granddaughter & mom is precious.

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