LEAP YEAR Special Edition: Aging in Place

Whether you are “Aging in Place” or simply just have bad knees and need help with accessibility, there’s a solution that’s not as costly as ripping out an entire bathroom for your needs. It can be as simple as a step-in shower with only a tub option in your bathroom now.   It’s such a wonderful alternative for some of your needs…..

I’ve been concentrating on accessibility problems and solutions with many of my design projects lately.  It really makes me think about Daddy, and Mama, with their accessibility issues that I had to solve in their home.  Other AGING IN PLACE projects are starting to gravitate to me with my experience in this area….    You may have some needs too, or know of someone that could use some help with their interiors….. a parent, a friend, a neighbor….

I found this company at a recent TRADE SHOW that I participate in and was very impressed and excited about their service!  READ ON….

For any of these situations, only Miracle Method offers the Easy Step®. The Easy Step converts a bathtub into a shower in one day at a fraction of the cost of walk-in tubs! The Easy Step lowers the tub side to make entry and exit easier and safer. Installed in just one day the Easy Step is an affordable solution to help reduce the danger of slip and fall accidents.

The Easy Step benefits

  • Reduces the risks of slip and fall accidents
  • Gives you or the person you care for easier access to bathing
  • Installed by Miracle Method in one day in your existing tub
  • Save thousands of dollars over the cost of a walk-in tub
  • Can be reversible – we can reinstall the cutout and refinish it to look like new
  • Two options available – the Easy Step and the Easy Step with door
  • Also available – the Easy Step Bathroom Safety Package

Walk-in Tub Conversion – How can a tub be converted into a shower? The Easy Step walk-in tub conversion allows you to step through and not over to help make bathtub entry and exit safer. Miracle Method’s Easy Step conversion creates a 24 inch wide by 9 inch tall notch in the side of the tub making entry and exit of the bathtub easier by not having to raise your foot as high and run the risk of losing your balance and falling.


Walk-in Tubs – How does a walk-in tub compare to the Easy Step? Unlike expensive walk-in tubs that require extensive remodeling to install, the Easy Step can be installed in just one day. Miracle Method converts your existing tub into a shower. It’s suitable for steel, cast iron, fiberglass, acrylic and cultured marble bathtubs. Walk-in tubs typically require large amounts of time and money to tear out the old bathtub, remove walls, and perform extensive plumbing modifications. In addition, walk-in tubs with doors use significant amounts of water and take time to fill and empty while the user waits in the tub.
Having an Easy Step installed does not require the high-pressure sales presentation most walk-in tub or door tub sales people demand. Avoid purchasing home health care products from companies that won’t quote prices over the phone and demand in-home presentations. Always have someone you trust help you make the best decision for your situation.

Miracle Method will quote you a price over the phone and respond quickly to schedule the installation. When someone is coming home from the hospital and needs access to a bathtub, they don’t want to wait for days or weeks; they need help now.

Walk-in Tubs – What are the benefits of the Easy Step? The Easy Step walk-in tub is an excellent addition to the homes of senior citizens and individuals with disabilities to allow them to stay in their primary homes and residences.
According to the Council on Aging, there are over 25,000 accidents each year that occur in and around the tub area. The Easy Step provides homeowners and caregivers a low-cost alternative to cost-prohibitive bath remodeling projects while providing homeowners with easier access to the tub area and helping to prevent injuries and falls.

Miracle Method professionals can install the Easy Step in less than one day in any type of tub, whether it is fiberglass, steel or even cast iron. It’s the affordable solution for bathroom safety!  From www.miraclemethod.com website.

GIVE Denise Martin a call 678 833 5886 or email dmartin@miraclemethod.com and tell her that Cumby recommended them to you!  I really like this service for an easier solution that doesn’t require an entire remodel.  Of course, this won’t work for every update or remodel but it may be a “God Send” to those who need it with accessibility issues.

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Your Design HomeworkYour Design Homework

Spring is in the air, and it’s February!  What?  Yes, Mother Nature has given us a little nudge and has us in the mood to start getting your Spring projects in gear ~  I’m doing the same thing with my entertainment pieces delivered today (which will be in a future blog post) and accessorizing.  AND finally we are getting our Sherill recliners recovered (also a future blog post).  My projects are well underway…..how about yours?  Take a look around, tired of the ho hum or tired of not “giving yourself” some solutions in your designs?  Call Cumby 404 483 4174!  I would love to help you~


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