Recycle…..Renew…..and Reuse!

Recyling can apply to more than helping Mother Earth, even though you are helping in that way, as well… saving “things” from the land fill and making use of it, maybe not the way it was intended, or perhaps with a slight twist.  

I’m talking about taking a small detour (or sometimes a large detour) to Recyle, Renew, Reuse in your interiors!  This adventure can be fun and needs vision to see the options out there….

My cousin, Ginger Williams Walton, is GREAT at this vision and I love her adventures in her home and beyond.  Now she’s taking it to a new level – a business drenched in her inspirations with “Just Add Ginger”….

These are chargers that she found in her cabinets that are now becoming wall art.  I’m sure that you have some treasures in your cabinets that can be useful, too~   And why not paper bags from your grocery store to make torn paper for wallpaper?

Chargers ready for wall art....

Torn paper for dynamic wallpaper

Torn paper wallpaper is one of my favorites.  I had used this in my Kitchen in Roswell,  quite a few years ago, and hated to leave it.  Mine was an “icey blue” with hints of gray, to go with my interiors then….   I love the color of this wallpaper and it’s beautiful background to the canvas….of the room.  The choices on color are infinite….  This is applied one piece at a time, like an artistic puzzle.

A project in the making..... with painting an old chest.

Painting old marred furniture that is slammed in your garage and that has been abused by kids, or even good solid pieces from the Salvation Army or Goodwill store, or even the dump, can be a great alternative to RENEW and RECYCLE instead of tossing to the curb, if you have Ginger around to create for you….

More painting.....more recycling.....more updating.....

But, wait it’s even better than that…..It’s painted with Chalkboard paint so that the “kids can play” on this one for their room~   Awesome!  Check out the frames on the wall….too….

Recycling picture frames....

Don’t you have some old frames that have lost their easel on the back or the glass is broken?  Have fun with these and create a collage of an architectual nature with mirrors, frames and pictures…..from a “dead wall” to make it rich with treasures….

Cabinets will make a focal point......

Instead of just leaving these cabinets all white, Ginger had an idea.  She had purchased a black and gray paisley sheet for $1 that was calling her name with this project.  So she decided to use it in the center panels to take these cabinets from ordinary to WOW~

Why not use and apply some tissue paper to add some texture?

Into the details....with Ginger on your team, you can't go wrong!

And my piece

This was an old china hutch that she painted a charcoal black.  To add more punch, she wallpapered the back wall of the cabinet with newsprint.  The glass door panels were replaced with wire mesh to add extra detail and light, and update the look of a library, rather than a china hutch.  What a focal piece for this interior….or any interior.

THANKS to Ginger for sharing some of her inspirations and pieces of art…..

3 Responses to “Recycle…..Renew…..and Reuse!”
  1. joannajg says:

    Very fun post. I will share it on my facebook! Does your friend Ginger have a site?

  2. joannajg says:

    Great post Cumby! I will share it on my facebook page for re-U. Does Ginger have a site?

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