A ROOM with Versatility~

Do you have a room in your home that is not being utilized properly? Or maybe you are thinking that your room could be used in a different way?

Living Rooms and some Dining Rooms are being converted more and more to other purposeful rooms such as MEDIA Rooms, Music Rooms and Home Offices to better utilize the space and to really give the room a purpose and a function, as well, not just a room that’s used on major holidays.

Even FOYERS are being re-purposed to accommodate grander pieces of furniture, if they are large enough to give you some options….

This Foyer is very spacious and now houses a beautiful GRAND piano – refurbished, refinished, and delivered just recently to my client. It is positioned in a GRAND way with a wonderful sound that flows through the interior with beautiful melodies.

Foyer possibilities here offer the option of the Dining Area, too~ The center foyer table makes a statement with its location yet makes a table for 8 with 2 leaves added in. Then, the Foyer can double as an eating area, if you need some “spill over” space for a sit down dinner.

A Bonus Room takes on the character of a Home Office with energy, yet very comfortable. Your office can be your sanctuary and it needs to reflect your character! THIS one also adds personal artwork, another passion of hers. Stir in some awesome color and you may not want to leave!

Don’t you just love the awesome color here? Bold and beautiful~

GIVE YOURSELF A VIEW with versatility, even if it’s not through a glass pane~ your view can be across the room and give you inspiration, comfort, and create your “little bit of paradise” with a fabulous focal point, artwork that speaks to you, a grand panoramic location, mirrored reflections…..and the list goes on and on.

This is my view from my desk that’s in my Foyer – artwork by Steve Penley – accompanied by an antique drop leaf table and chairs, my awesome rug (that was in my Dining Room in my previous home). I love just looking up and thinking…. Ahhhhh…..

My Dining Room has been empty and I decided enough is enough and turned it into my Office/Study. I’m still adding in the final touches but I love the location, just off the Kitchen and repurposed some furniture pieces to function properly and help to hide some of my mess. The Dining Room will develop in time, but it’s crazy to waste that beautiful room! So, I have been creating a great working office, that can also be “viewed” – yeah, my desk can get messy~ and I didn’t clean it up for this picture~

You will discover that I can just see the options and possibilities of that Room with a View that you may not visualize the same way. Sometimes you just need an objective viewpoint…..and some visualization….and voila, you are a happy camper.

Your Design Homework

I’ve been longing for that little bit of paradise lately and it made me think of bringing that paradise home….. and maybe you need to tweak your rooms too, just like me, and keep an open mind! You’ll be glad you did~ So, if you have a new and fabulous piece of furniture that has come into your life, and you don’t know what to do with it, or if you need to change your interiors and your colors to reflect a new lifestyle, give me a shout! I can have you humming a new tune in no time and with a Spring in your step!

Call Cumby @ 404 483 4174 or email Cumby@CumbysInteriors.com today~


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