Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…..

Which one is the  best choice of all?

I was actually sideboard shopping and I dropped in a showroom to pick up a lamp for a client that I had already reserved, and I got all excited about the mirrors there.  I got a little sidetracked because I LOVE mirrors….they captivate me with their personalities, their reflections, and the opportunities to use them in interiors for many reasons are abundant.  They really speak to me.  So, I thought I would share a few of my finds and favorites that I saw on this day ….   

So many to chose from with different sizes and shapes…..and I love the fact that these are leaning at the floor level, to give you an idea of the grand scale and size that we are talking about here.  THESE are massive mirrors~ sometimes you don’t realize how big they are when they are already hung on the wall!

Take a closer look at this one at the detail in the mirror itself, with a very subtle diamond pattern playing across the glass….

More details with handsome lamps to balance the oversized mirrors…. they seem to tell a story.  Don’t they?  They can add light to a dark room.

THIS handsome mirror’s details are in the frame – heavily carved with a major impact!  Yes, they add impact and focal points~

So why not just use a pair for balance?  I am majorly attracted to round mirrors and these are very fun even though there’s not much room for reflection, these are more architectural with details, but feminine too.  Don’t you think?

Another handsome mirror with details…..details….  The top of this one really attracted my attention.

Mirrored panes that add light and personality…. it almost feels like a “picture window”….doesn’t it?  

Helpful Hint:  Always remember to consider where you hang a mirror and what the mirror is reflecting…..you don’t want to hang a mirror that reflects “dead space” or an unpleasant detail that you hoped no one will notice.  A mirror reflects on a lot of secrets ~

More shopping trips in the weeks ahead for me.  I’ll be glad to bring you along, until then….check out the Reflections in your mirror.  Do you need a new mirror  to make an impact in your interiors?  I just hung 2 new ones in my home!  

Did I tell you that I love mirrors?  Yeah, I think I did….

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