Making it Southern Fried…

Well, it’s no secret that Southerners, true Southerners, love their Southern dishes….  Fried chicken, fried green tomatoes, fried squash and eggplant, and even expanding into fried sweets!  And the Kitchen is a favorite hang – out ~

Thanks to Paula Deen, the Southern Kitchen has become quite the place to be, if you are a serious cook and maybe if you’re not.  Of course, there are other really good cooks out there and there are many very nice Kitchens…..and I do enjoy watching the Food Network to see what they have in their Kitchens (even if it is a set, too)  I don’t know about you, but I don’t fry much of anything any more ~ well I have to confess, I DO cook us up a treat with those fried green tomatoes because our garden is really producing some good veggies this time of the year and that is a favorite of mine!  AND we enjoy our grill and smoker a lot too!

BUT, the Kitchen was one of the most important rooms to design in my house, with David and me in mind, both cooks in the Kitchen, we had a lot to think about!   I’ll just highlight a few ~ Take a walk through some fine Kitchen ideas with me……with Kitchens Tips to Remember ~ in your special recipe collection.

Remember your ingredients are important to your recipe for success in the Kitchen ~

Start with Function ~

photo by Holly Hess Photography

If you cook, it’s really important to think through your needs so that they translate successfully into functional requirements for your Kitchen plan.    From appliances (the latest and greatest) to countertops and cabinetry, the choices are numerous!   AND the many decisions you need to make are also majorly important for the function to be successful.

We don’t refer to the Kitchen Triangle much any more because the Kitchen is much more than a cooking location…’s a lifestyle.  I attended a Kitchen Workshop/Seminar recently and the Kitchen Designer talked about ZONES rather than the triangle, which is very outdated.  Zones help you with organizing the function of the Kitchen.

Add just the right amount of storage to fit your needs and character…..for your many needs as well as display areas….

My theory is, “you can never have enough storage”.  That’s a Cumby-ism.

I think storage is a mandatory ingredient in the Kitchen!  Not shaken, but stirred in just right.

In a Kitchen plan, your pots and pans need to be measured, count your prep pieces and where do you want them located, vertical storage should be considered and using drawers instead of shelving is desired, not to mention DEEP drawers and much, much more.  A questionnaire can help you to jog your brain on what you do want and need!

How much of your display area do you want to have?  I hate it when people have glass doors and put stacks of stuff in there, like we can’t see the clutter! HELLO!  So, plan your clutter areas (hopefully you don’t have any) and plan your display areas accordingly, and make it functional.

Of course a separate pantry could be ideal too.   AND consider what food you need in what location, when the Kitchen storage is planned.  You know your needs and need to communicate that information to the designing parties, especially if it’s a custom designed cabinetry!

Make your Kitchen a special place because you spend a lot of time there – I do!      I love this hidden pantry idea… And you did places to feed the dog or the cat, keep their food, tuck away unsightly volume bought dry goods, and maybe even a family calendar location that is “out of sight” to guests, but in a heavy trafficked area for the family.  I’m sure you can think of lots of items that could be stored in this pantry!

STIR in some good times…

If you are a busy person or a multi-tasker, the Kitchen has become more than just the location for planning, preparing, and cooking a meal, it’s the HEART BEAT of the Home.  It’s the place for the young at heart as well as the “seasoned” cook to tackle homework, crafts, office tasks, eating good treats, major conversations and family meetings, and much, much more….  NOT to mention entertaining friends and family!

Depending on your needs, these areas can all be located into task areas.   The island is a great location for many good deeds….and it’s a great place for intimate seating, a guest’s seat for conversation while you cook (to keep them out of your way), homework “central”, a serving location for buffet style,  a food prep area, and much more! The storage and function of this area is an important priority!  I don’t know how I ever lived without an island, but I did.  And maybe you don’t need an island, but could use a chopping block or a farm table ~

I know a couple that has a long Kitchen with a long island down the center.  They both cook and this island separates the His and Hers Zone plus it’s a great place for their preparations.  They entertain a lot and use it for special serving needs too, because they have a wood fired pizza oven in their home!  NO kidding ~  this Kitchen plan reminds me of their Kitchen.

IF you plan to sit at the island for any period of time, you may prefer having bar stools that have backs (and swivel), instead of just a stool.  AND a padded seat can be on the list of needs too….  I find that these saddle seat stools are great for kids, but not for adults!

So sprinkle in some COMFORT and LOVE, even in the Kitchen!

TOP it off with some extra special touches, a good portion of character…   mold it, massage it, and make it YOURS ~

Fun is in the word FUNction.  So remember that you can give your Kitchen that special pizazz that you desire with extra special planning and design ~

Serve as needed and if not properly prepared, you may need to Call Cumby for a better recipe for your Kitchen success.

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Your Design Homework

Your Design Homework

With the 4th on our radar, it may give you the inspiration you need to add some “fireworks” to your interiors.  If you have your indoor Kitchen just right, maybe it’s time to address your Outdoor Kitchen!  THIS is sometimes a forgotten area, yet you entertain a lot with grilling and outdoor cooking?  There’s a wonderful world of resources out there just for your outdoor Kitchen!

Ok, this may be a little over the top, but…..Add a little Color to your Kitchen to celebrate July 4th!  Have a little fun!  Just checking to see if you are paying attention!

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2 Responses to “Making it Southern Fried…”
  1. Good morning Cumby,
    I love to cook ……. My husband and I cook together most nights after work so I’m always dreaming of a larger kitchen! It’s been good to get to know you a bit professionally. I look forward to seeing some of your design projects upon completion! All the best, Kathryn

    • Cumby says:

      We both love to cook too and we made our dream come true with a BIG Kitchen when we built our dream house a few years ago! It’ll be featured in a future blog, I’m sure~ THANKS Kathryn for your comments!

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