Coming Home…..

I LOVE the name of this book… oozes with beautiful pictures that brings it home for me….too.

COMING HOME has many different connotations but for me, Coming Home would be to bring your character alive in your dream home.  It could be large or small, it could be similar to the home you grew up in, or simply to include simple shares with some of those characteristics that make you feel like you are “coming home”.

I don’t know about you…..but HOME is where the HEART is and I still HEART my HOMEplace!  AND I fashioned and designed my home that we built a few years ago with many of those special qualities of that “turn of the century”, early 1900’s home that I still love!


The old wrap around porch features my mom, my daughter, and my granddaughter in this picture…..

We just replaced the flooring on the porch and after it seasons a bit, the dark charcoal stain will be applied….   I took this picture for my mom to reference all of her plant placements for next year!

From the front porch, to the central Foyer and Hallway, my home drips of a Southern Vernacular Home…..
inspired by this home, in small town GA.
My home in the construction phase…..

What do you think of when you visualize your “Coming Home” house?

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2 Responses to “Coming Home…..”
  1. Debbie Jacobs Designs says:

    I love the three generation picture, just needed you in there to make it four!
    Coming Home is always wonderful!

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