Row, Row, Row Your Boat……

I’ve been so taken with the Olympics….and enjoy almost every aspect of every sport.  Actually, it’s been a little consuming, with being “glued to the tube” as much as possible and I’m sleep deprived from several late night watching opps.  I’ve had many moments of jumping up and down shouting and chanting USA, USA and GO< GO< GO!  My son keeps saying…. MOM (you know that teenage tone of the word)!  I just get so excited….

I am so impressed with their focus, their motivation, their goals, their endurance, their positive attitudes, their inspirations, their abilities, their strength, their dreams – they are so driven and prepared for the goal and gold.  AND the reward is great!  Disappointment is devastating for sure.  Yet they will be back on task with that “get up and go mentality”, of I can do better.

Yes, there are stories with moments of doubt, struggles, disappointments, injuries, sadness, and tears but that is making them even stronger, don’t you think?

I hope we can all learn more from the team spirit and enthusiasm that we’ve witnessed.  Is there a fist pumping YES here?  Just keep on rowing with your different perspectives in mind…. And let’s move on with positive spirits after the goal/gold!

Now, sing along with me…..  Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, Life is just a dream…..

Dream on….my friends, dream on…..


One Response to “Row, Row, Row Your Boat……”
  1. Debbie Jacobs says:

    Good Post….Good Lesson!

    Do you know how to “pin” pictures from your desk top, e-mails or Facebook? I only know how to pin if they are on a website.

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