A New Creative Journey

If you want to know the truth….. I took a little bit of art when I was in college at the University of Georgia but nothing to boast about, because it was mandatory in my studies for interior design major but it was mostly drawing and charcoals, never painting.  Until these last few months, I had not painted any artwork on canvas at all.  I had been “crafty” and painted pottery and things like that, but not canvas painting.  I have longed for my artistic juices to run wild with paint and I finally got the nerve to take that leap of faith.  You see, I was afraid that I would disappoint ME.


To be honest, the first class was a little tense.  I was very focused and I knew that I had to do a good job and stay with the instructor.  With a clenched jaw and determination, I finished my first piece – Poppies.  But, I wasn’t overly happy with it…..and I was too tense.  I laughingly told Ann (the owner of Sunshine Village Gallery in Watkinsville) that the next time I’m bringing a bottle of wine!


Instead I brought my sister and we painted together – the Larkspur – I was pretty pleased with this piece except for my “leaf work”.  Laurel (my instructor) always says that leaves are the hardest and that I have to keep practicing and working through it.  But, I thought that I made a major improvement with this artwork.
Today, I painted sunflowers.  Ah…..I LOVE SUNFLOWERS!  And I took some licensure and said I wanted my vase to be red, not terra cotta, and my background colors more green and less blue – MY INTENTIONS you may be asking?  This piece was going in my Kitchen!  We had such fun with this class – the people were a lot of fun that painted at my table today and we laughed and gave thumbs up on each person’s artwork, because they do all look different!  I’ve relaxed quite a bit, and the creative juices just ran through my brush on to the canvas.  I’m a very happy camper!  I took pictures along the way today, so you can see how I worked through the steps…..
Laurel Genteman – Athens Paint Party and Exploring Art Workshop
Hmmmm…..I wonder what’s next……maybe a new technique or even an architectural piece…..?  I do believe that I’m getting better at this but the journey has just begun!


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2 Responses to “A New Creative Journey”
  1. Debbie Jacobs Designs says:

    I love Sunflowers too, but I especially like your Larkspur! I understand what you are saying about the leaves. I have a painting in my kitchen I did years ago (maybe Jr. High age) and the one thing I don’t like about it are the leaves! I have even thought about painting over them now! I probably would need some wine inspiration to get up my nerve to do that~ Enjoy your classes! There is something magical about watching a painting unfold!

  2. Rita Knight says:

    This was, by far, my favorite class. I had been looking forward to this one for a long time, and we
    did have a good group. The atmosphere in the room was relaxed as we worked…I think it was the combination of personalities that clicked. I agree with Debbie that there is something magical about watching a painting unfold. I went into this venture without any expectations, and I have not been disappointed!

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