Sometimes it seems that we are back to basics and even back to elementary school past times, like ABCs!

What is this love for letters?  Is it a Personal thing?  What’s the connection to seeing our special letters in very unique ways?  Why is the Monogram so important?  Does it give us more accountability or ownership?

Don’t get me wrong….. I do love the LETTERS and the MONOGRAMS too!

I even have a cuff bracelet similar to this one, in silver, that was given to me about 32 years ago that people rave over – a timeless piece!

And I use monograms and letters quite often in design work, too.  I even monogrammed guest towels for clients one year for a holiday gift!  I’m ALL over it, too!  Remember the quote, “What’s in a name?” asked by William Shakespeare?

AND you know it really dates back quite a few years, even though its popularity has emerged again over the last few years…..even in antiques!

A vanity stool is just that unless you step it up with a fabulous monogrammed Sunbrella fabric that adds rich and elegant characteristics to the Master Bath!

And a slipcovered headboard adds a certain degree of personality with a simple O for Olivia, that takes a teenager’s room pizazz to more WOW!

I love the idea of adding in other accessories that are monogrammed too, from clothes to interiors!

AND recently, I have seen more than just a monogram; it also includes messaging and labeling – are we mind boggled and need helpful hints?

OR are we in love with words, quotes, and positive vibes that keep us on that optimistic path?

I just purchased a message that I’m “applying” to the beach house that says, “Just add Sea Salt” for over a window in the Kitchen.  I can’t wait to get back down there later in the Fall, and make that a reality ~  I will surely share pictures in a future post when I have completed!

Recently, I was cruising through a local “interiors market” and found some special treats that really got my attention.  Can you guess which one really got my attention?

THIS USA made sign is older but it’s a “hot button” right now!

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