CLOSETS have stepped up to the task!

What does your closet look like?
Are you out of space?
Do you use your space wisely?
Are you organized?
Are you ready for a change?
What are your needs?  Your priorities?

Does your closet look similar to this one?  You have made an effort, but it’s still chaos?

And you want your closet to look more LIKE THIS?

Color coordinated, hangars in unison……great looking clothes that you can find?

Nice organization here too….with a different twist ~

Yes, HE deserves a great looking closet too!   HIS Closets have a different need with addressing a different wardrobe!

Did someone say SHOES?

IF you have lots of shoes….there are several ways to organize them so that you can find the perfect pair for your accessorizing needs!  Your space may dictate your displaying choices….

WHICH organization do you like best?

Remember your jewelry!  I have jewelry custom organization in my antique armoire – and I LOVE it!  You can find your special accessories here too!

THIS one incorporates a dressing table too!  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

AND I have recently addressed client’s needs with JEWELRY BOARDS!   They preferred to see them all hanging, instead of in drawers!  It’s up to you…..what works best for YOU?  All Custom, of course!

DO YOU HAVE A PURSE FETISH?  Well, don’t forget about them and other bags…..too!  I love this space, backed with a fabric or wallpaper for added personal appeal!

Would that work for you, too?

HOW multi-purpose are your NEEDS for your closet?

Don’t forget the ironing board!  This is a great addition to any closet for function!  And built in, takes away the unsightly ironing board of our mom’s generation….. remember?  LOVE my built-in ironing board!   FUNCTION is so very important with your closet organization!

Luxurious closets?  Yes, enough room to call it a “quiet place” for lounging and hide away from the hustle and bustle of the daily routine.

Or even the Feminine Touch of your office and closets combined?

Whatever your needs may be for the “perfect custom made closet”  for you…… IF you can dream it, we can make your dreams come true!

More closet dweller pictures can be found on Pinterest……

Call Cumby for your design needs!
404 483 4174 or email
Visit me on Pinterest!


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