We had a BLAST!  I invited some friends to join me at a paint class to CELEBRATE friendship and my Birthday!   Many of my girlfriends had never painted and declared “I haven’t got an artistic bone in my body!” yet they gave it a BIG GIRL try and humored me!

Well, just so you know, I helped the painting fun with a little “bubbly” and some really good food for Brunch!  And you would never know they hadn’t been to the painting table before! I think they are ready for their next creation, after I have them hooked into a great “therapeutic” past time that I’ve discovered over recent months.

We all “smocked” up with our aprons and started to paint, with our instructor giving valuable tips and direction….

Of course, our inspiration painting, painted by our art teacher, Laurel Genteman, was wonderful!  She is a professional, you know…

Yet, we chose the fashions, the hair color, the bling, and the colors….. all at our creative whim.  And there were some fashion critics in the crowd and some mistakes that turned into beautiful creations, too!  And some with some attitude!      LOVE IT!

The laughter that erupted the gallery was electrifying through out the learning experience!  I’m sure you can just imagine….

THIS is where I started, selecting colors and fashions…. And you can see that everyone had something in mind….from the very beginning.

Check out the concentration on these faces!

My friend, Ann, is offering up helpful tips.  She owns the gallery at Sunshine Village Gallery in Watkinsville!

Mary Lee’s creation!  Her choice of colors – a beautiful day!
Gwen painted with her fashions in mind….  I wish you could see the details and the metalics in her accessories!

Teresa loved her colorways and fashions too!  Check our the hair! AND with Bling included!

Now my sister, Gina, really added in some special details and accessories!  Pearls, and tulle ~

Donna was very creative with her “girls”!  Love her hair styles too! Glamour!

Jill had a blast and really got into the “Bling” with her details! Great colors!

Pam painted her “alter egos” – all with her hair color and wardrobe colors that she gravitates to….

and we all took home treasures of the day!  The biggest treasure was the FRIENDSHIP in the room!   I think we’ll be doing this again in a few months, with a new inspiration.  Want to join us?  I would love to fill up the tables!

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One Response to “WITH A SPLASH OF PAINT”
  1. Debbie Jacobs Designs says:

    Really hated to miss this very special time! So much inspiration, friendship and fun in one room!

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