BIG NEWS with Food Network’s “Chopped!”

I found Virginia Willis through another mutual friend and chef in the FOOD world. We’ve exchanged a few emails regarding a fund raiser and I immediately started following her blog posts as a result!  What had I been missing?  A lot!  THIS has been a grand introduction to a fabulous person you need to know too!

Not only is Virginia a fabulous chef with all kinds of accolades and associations, she’s in the ATLANTA area and brings Southern Cooking to the forefront!  How lucky are we here to have this celebrity in our midst?!  I am also a big FAN of the Food Network and the show, Chopped!  I know that Virginia will make a big splash there on the November 27th episode!  Join me in watching Virginia with her magic in the Kitchen and find out what her secret ingredient was on the show!  AND you may want to follow her on Facebook or Twitter to get more wonderful info and fabulous recipes!  You’ll be glad you did!  I promise!

Congratulations Virginia!  I will be watching in great anticipation ~

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