Lounging Needed ~

For your inspiration to….. Think Ahead for Spring

I’ve mentioned on many occasions that my porch swing is a great location for me to drink my coffee, write in my journal, type on my laptop for blog posts, and a great conversation area.  It’s my therapy location for much of the year, weather permitting….. of course.

I do LOVE a porch swing!  And Now, let’s take it up a notch.






The idea of the porch swing is now starting to even take on a different role – a lounging location –  maybe even taking on that Southern charm from our past – a Sleeping Porch.  They were very popular, especially before air conditioning, when that was the coolest place to sleep, and tucked into a breezy back porch area!

I saw these at the mart and had to share with you…..   LOVE the idea of a lounging swing on a porch!

Picture 2 Picture 1

Here’s a toast to the Revival of the Sleeping Porch!

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