Building the Canvas

I’m Passionate about my new favorite thing to do….painting on canvas.  I was feeling quite anxious that I hadn’t painted in about a month and ready to get some gorgeous colors back under my fingernails!

A new instructor took us to new heights this weekend and I played around with new techniques.  To my surprise, I was majorly impressed with my painting!  So, I thought I would show you the process of building the canvas.

I can’t wait until the next class!


Creating the sky with depth and background and starting on the barn.

IMG_1393Got trees?

IMG_1394Building the barn with color….

IMG_1395More details in the barn. You can see Natalie’s canvas to my left and how our canvases are similar yet different.

IMG_1392It was fun having Natalie (my daughter) painting right next to me even though the perceptions of our barns were starting to deviate with the character.


Here’s Natalie’s finished canvas….. I got a little busy and forgot to pull out the camera on the last details. I LOVE it! Don’t you?


I’m almost done…

IMG_1400Finishing touches….. a little shading here and there and a few more wild flowers. WOW, did I paint that? I think I did!

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One Response to “Building the Canvas”
  1. mollierocks says:

    I love all the colours you have used. Its very dreamy. It looks finished to me! its really nice showing the process of building the canvas.The art classes look fun.

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