Vintage? Or just my childhood?

I have never thought of myself as vintage.  Just sayin’ …..

I stepped into Mimi’s Home-Made Catering the other day and I was immediately thrilled with all of her attention to detail!


And I just had to share!

I went in to talk to her about an event, the Georgia Children’s Chorus Athens Tour (& Tastes) ***that’s on April 20th, and she is participating in the Silent Auction, just so you know.  It’s your chance to join her Supper Club with 2 tickets while at the tour.  Stop in or check out Mimi’s business for yourself.  You’ll be glad you did.

Mimi has been a great introduction & connection and I will be sitting at the Supper Club table soon myself!

Check out some of her wonderful picture posts!

Picture 1

Picture 2

O MY GOODNESS!  Made you hungry yet?

Picture 3

I was pleasantly surprised at her interior – she sets the tone with her decorating in her location on Baxter St, in Athens……  so much so that our talk was also about her finds that she has beautifully displayed that says so much about her catering business! 


I told her that these items on her pegboard might be vintage to her but they remind me of my childhood and my mom’s kitchen!  The cookie cutters, the egg beaters, the measuring spoons and more…..   even the pegboard!  My mom has a pegboard where she hangs all of these pieces too! 


And I love the hob nail baking pieces on her counter top…..another reminder of my mom’s Kitchen and home.  It was so much fun to enter the portal of tastes and treasures at Home-made Catering!

AND she has this wonderful old barn door on rails that leads to her Kitchen.  You are going to have to stop and see these for yourself, and hey join in the Supper Club with me!

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