Sunshine on a Rainy Day

Today was not the ideal beach day, filled with beautiful sunny skies and pleasant temperatures with a slight breeze….   NO not at all!



It has been a nasty, rainy day filled with wind gusts and a lot of rain.

But, the rain slacked up just about lunch-time today to give me a window of opportunity to try a new eatery in downtown Port St. Joe.


Mason Dixon opened last October and this is the first time that I’ve been at their window!  It took me a while with so many wonderful menu items but I finally made a decision – The Game Cock.  I told her that if David had been with me, there would be no way that he could’ve ordered that (referencing the University of South Carolina mascot) off the menu!  Her husband was a graduate of USC and that’s why she named the chicken sandwich The Game Cock.



The owner brought some of her New Jersey special contributions to the South and has the winning combination for a great eatery.


Not only is the food truck so cute in appearance, I felt like it was just a ray of sunshine in my day! 

She has planted large planters with herbs that she uses in her recipes and cute patio tables with umbrellas embellish the area to make you feel like you are in a sidewalk café!




I look forward to another visit to the Mason Dixon to try another wonderful special on the menu, and maybe this time it’ll be on a sunny day!

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One Response to “Sunshine on a Rainy Day”
  1. Kellee Novak says:

    Thank you Cumby for this terrific article on your blog! You are too kind and I too enjoyed talking with you last week. Hope to see you at our window again soon!!! PS – I wish I was little more photogenic! 🙂

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