The Kitchen is certainly the HEART of the Home!  Right?  You and I have had that conversation before and even had a workshop about it!  And I think you’ll agree that your heartbeat could be rapid, slower, efficient or it may need some repair.

I LOVE the island’s participation in the Kitchen!  I don’t know what we would do without our island….. it meets our needs and then some!

My top 10 reasons for LOVING and NEEDING my Kitchen island!

  1. It’s an awesome work space for the cook (or cooks) in the Kitchen.  We use the island for prepping time more than any of the other perimeter counter top areas.
  2. We love having a second sink for that awesome work space here too, in case the big sink is occupied for other needs.  And with 2 cooks in our Kitchen, it’s a must!
  3. It’s a great location for our microwave (on the open end of the island and) easy access while other activities are in motion!
  4. Our counter height eating space is great for the 3 of us to have an intimate eating area and a nice aesthetic compliment to the rectangle shape with a demi-lune seating space!
  5. The curve or demi-lune shape to our counter top gives us more storage underneath, in addition to knee space.
  6. We also use this space for Laptop needs – a great place to be an option to a working desk with our counter height stools!
  7. To change it up in our Kitchen, I decided to change the finish on the island from the other cabinetry in the Kitchen to also add more interest. 
  8. Adding shallow storage in several places give us maximum use of space instead of wasting valuable storage – every space is accounted for in the design plan.
  9. It’s a extra special serving space when entertaining.
  10. It’s a great way of separating the guest from cooking needs, yet is also a wonderful way to be with your guests in the preparation tasks.

NOW, what are you looking for in an island for your Kitchen?  Every one has a different footprint, so the island may look differently as a result, but the design reasons for having the island is the same – function!











I picked a bunch more. Take a look here!!

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