Gone Fishin’

Roughing it.  That’s putting it mildly.  I kinda think that the Holiday Inn is roughing it to be perfectly honest, but for Noah, we did a fishin’ weekend that I participated in this time!

This past weekend David, Noah and I went to a lake house that was roughing it a bit….. no a whole lot, to be honest!

David was laughing a bit at bedtime and said, “Honey, this is close to camping for you!”   My comment was, “I have a bed, running water and a working bathroom, I’m good for a couple of nights!”

AND especially because this trip was for Noah and making some extra special memories…….

Noah turned 16 in January and to make the SWEET SIXTEEN special, we decided to do a family fishing trip.  Well, between the weather, the fishing not so good at this time of the year, his sports schedule for months, we decided to wait until a better time.

Picture 1Noah spent every waking moment in the “jon boat,” with the tackle box and fishing rods

Fast forward:  At the Georgia Children’s Chorus silent auction, I purchased a weekender at The Blueberry Farm, just a short 45 minutes from here, close to Lake Hartwell.  It’s a privately owned log cabin and large lake, filled with fish.

This past weekend magically opened up, even though the blueberries were not quite ripe, we decided to take our weekend trip, with Ramsey in tow.

Can you say crappie? no crap, lots of themCan you say crappie? no crap, lots of them

David joined Noah in the boat on Saturday morning and they fished and fished.  David came in for a lunch break and decided to hang out with Ramsey a while by the lake. 

It was Ramsey’s first encounter with a body of water and he was very curious, needless to say.  David kinda let him get adventurous and then went in head first on the side and went under.  He got out really quickly and sat very still, like it was a major OOPS and he was going to get in trouble.  We laughed and laughed!  I wish I had the camera on video at that time!

Ramsey about to take a dipRamsey about to take a dip

David looking at Noah's big fish with Ramsey's nose to the groundDavid looking at Noah’s big fish with Ramsey’s nose to the ground

Noah informed us that catching a Crappie was on his check list and he really wanted to make that a reality!  AND he did!  He caught lots of Crappie, David cleaned them and we froze them for a future fish fry!

Noah's catch of the day! LOTS of crappie, not crapNoah’s catch of the day! LOTS of crappie, not crap

Noah slept in Sunday morning and we awoke with the sun, thanks to Ramsey.  Good coffee and great temperatures accompanied with conversation kept us enjoying the last part of the trip on the big porch while Noah snoozed……

So, I snapped a few pictures that I enjoyed about the details of this log cabin…..

Picture 2I’m talking a “real log cabin” here. Check out the size of these logs…..

Details, detailsDetails, details..

Porch railing was handmade from wood on the propertyPorch railing was handmade from wood on the property

IMG_1984They even built the porch around one big tree! Swings are on every corner. Look closely and you’ll see two down at the end. In the distance you can see a little bit of the lake view.

I wish I had one of those at my houseI wish I had one of those at my house

IMG_1985THIS was my favorite swing on another corner. It’s 2 chairs and a table in between David and I spent hours swinging, talking, and drinking our morning coffee.

Noah learned a lot about roughing it too! AND that was a good thing.  Don’t get me wrong, he loves roughing with fishing, but he’s like what do we do at night?  There was a TV but no cable, no satellite.  Shocking that he may have to think out PLAN B.  He did find some great OLD movies that plugged into the VCR for our entertainment!  AND no AC, but the temps were great and there was always a breeze and a lot of shade trees helped us out there!

Noah fished Friday evening, all day Saturday and into Sunday morning, before the questionable weather moved in and we decided to depart for Bishop.  I asked him on our way out through the trail along the planted field and blueberries, if he had a good time and he said YES MAM!  I got one more fish on my “bucket list”.  I thought that was cute and it made me smile.

And He just thinks “we were fishing”…..like the song says, we are really making memories.

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