It’s important to keep your front doors well maintained for a number of reasons……

Picture 2

  1. Front doors/porches/front steps are judged at curbside first with first impressions and secondly when ringing the doorbell!
  2. Your guests and visitors will immediately be turned off with spider webs and unsightly appearances.
  3. The windows need to be clean and doors need to be well maintained, paint looking clean and fresh.
  4. IF you have sun exposure, you may have sun damage to the finish and it needs to be addressed for appearances as well as for proper maintenance to/for the wood.
  5. IF you do not have an overhang with your front door with little protection from the elements, maybe a stained door is not a good idea and a paint finish may be a better solution for you.
  6. All doors need attention on an annual basis, Spring and Fall timetable is even better, and re-addressed with the proper exterior finish to withstand the UV exposure.

Picture 1

I can speak from experience here.  I always like to learn with each life lesson!

Oh, and I can speak to the cleanliness questions, easily.  THAT is a no-brainer and yet goes un-noticed.  AND I know why.  We are all guilty because we see the entrance from the inside, not the outside.

Take a look at your doors from the visitors perspective and you’ll see things you haven’t even noticed and especially with bugs, spider webs and collected debris at these areas….  I was at someone’s door just yesterday and had to fight the spider webs to get to the door bell.   Really? 

NOT FUN – NOT at your front door!  Right?

Picture 3

THESE “ugly” things that are “hanging around” are also coming in the door with the visitor or guest or family member, on their feet too!  Think about that – it’s a wonderful motivator to get your cleaning up to par.

With so many staging appointments lately, I really critique the front door and other entrances with a passion!  It’s important to add in elements of color, texture and a good-looking & effective Welcome mat to help achieve the entrance(s) in good order! 

Don’t be that person and get your front doors ready for that person reaching for the door bell – DING DONG!

BUT this goes a little further with my blog post!

I’ve had issues with the finish on my front door (the passage side – I have 2) on the bottom panel.  My doors are custom made mahogany and they only get a little sun exposure because I have a deep overhang with the front porch and it’s the early morning sun for just a few hours that hit the doors. After 4 years, damage was beginning to show up big time!  I am not happy about this at all!

Damage all over the bottom panels of the door - here's a good close up!

I finally found “the guy” that I needed…..and I’ve been looking for months.  He told me the WHY and said I needed a urethane sealer that has UV protection and that doesn’t break down by the sun.  Mine obviously was NOT a urethane that does the job.  Another tidbit of info that infuriated me because is should have lasted a lot longer and the door craftsman really knew better!

“My guy” has taken my doors back to the workshop to sand and refinish in a controlled environment and now I’m boarded up for a week!  YES a week!  AND SOON we will be better protected from future sun exposure and other elements with confidence.  AND it will need to be addressed later with maintenance, I know, but I’ll be on top of it this time and it won’t cost me to go through this process again!

Check out the view from the exterior!  UGLY, huh?

All boarded up and looking pretty ugly

I know you wanted to see!

I will be taking care of the front porch cleaning and a little “white washing”  on the list next and I’ll be a happy camper once again!

Here they are finished correctly!  Don’t they look fabulous?  AND so worth the wait! 

Finished door

From interior

HAPPY again about a guest reaching for the door bell.  DING DONG!

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One Response to “DING DONG!”
  1. Nice blog, Cumby! (even if you didn’t include a RED front-door….haha……). Fondly, Mark.

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