RE- Purposing – Tried and True

Have you ever re-purposed anything in your home to result in an amazing design?  A functional design?  Or maybe a little of both?

I happen to love RE-Purposing in design and if you haven’t tried it, … can start small, until you get the hang of it.  It’s fun! 

I’ve even installed re-purposed floors from an old factory to a client’s home and they are magnificent!  (Here’s a close up – more to see in the new updated website photos soon, with this home and others!)


Check out these tea lights in old ladles….

Picture 1

Have an old chair hanging around?  How cute would this be on your porch?

Picture 2

And then work your way up with bigger ideas and bigger designs…..

How about lighting and artwork in the Kitchen?  Or over an island? Or a bar?

Picture 3

Use an old frame in many ways…..

I’ve recently found a few that I want to add mirror to for a mirrored collection in my home….

Picture 4

Picture 5

Picture 6

Or use garden gates for a pet or child gate with pizazz!

Picture 7

Maybe you have an “old armoire” that needs a home and also need storage space in the Kitchen.  Why not an extension of the pantry?

Picture 8

Sometimes it’s Artistic License!  Just have some fun…..

How many repurposed items can you count in this picture?

Picture 9

LOTS more “goodies” can be found on my Pinterest boards, RE-purposing and Artistic License.  Take a peak here….

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