Hanging Around with Art

Are you struggling with hanging several art pieces together in a grouping?

These are some fun guidelines that can certainly help, but they are guidelines, not rules of thumb that are written in stone.  As my clients know, I am pretty good at making decisions on pulling pieces together and “eyeing it in”.

Picture 1

Here’s a great example of a grouping (that goes over and beyond the sizes in the illustration) with wonderful sizes, shapes and proportion.  All important to the grouping, as well…..

Picture 2

Don’t you LOVE that mirror as an anchor to the grouping?  I do!

AND making fabulous memories part of your grouping adds character and style!  I LOVE this grouping with a lot of texture, dimension, and use of space!

Picture 3

This is a pretty straight forward guideline with balance and symmetry, and it’s a little boring, to be honest.

Picture 4

Love the interpretation here, from the illustration to reality.  Design in motion…..

Picture 5


Picture 10

And when there are stairs…..

Picture 7

and interpretations with groupings.

Picture 8

And from Cumby’s Interiors Gallery, here’s a great example….


There are many more illustrations, examples, and inspirations on the Pinterest board FOR THE HOME!

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