What’s your laundry list like?

Picture 1

Large and luxurious like this one?  WOW, this is one big Laundry Room!

Picture 2

Picture 3

Very well organized and compartmentalized?

Picture 4

In neutrals or do you like color?

Picture 5

Picture 6

Picture 7

I like organization and simplicity, myself!

Yet, I do love those design additions that contribute character, as well as organization avenues!  Each person’s needs, each laundry room, calls for a unique solution that benefits their idea of space planning appropriately.

How do you address those needs?

Picture 8

Could you handle a screen door on the Laundry Room?  Are you that organized and clean with your tasks?  Ummm….love the idea, but I think that I need a “closing door” for privacy.  How ‘bout you?

Picture 9

Now these colors are great and so easy– I LOVE the color of the cabinets with the wall color, and natural light……

Picture 10

Picture 11

Sometimes the Laundry Room doubles as a Gardening Room too, if it’s placed close to the exterior areas or your home!  My laundry is located close to my Master Bedroom, thankfully, so this wouldn’t work for me, but I love it……

Picture 12Picture 13Picture 14

Find more photo’s from WASH and WEAR here!

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