LOVE Potion Number 9?

What’s the magic in this potion?  LOVE the vintage look and color palette.

THESE wonderful color palettes are found in many of our vintage “goodies”….. Just look a little harder and deeper into these offerings.

What would you name this Magic Spell – this hooked on vintage spell?


I LOVE…..  are you hooked with the same spell?


These precious “jewels” from the sewing box evoke many a story and a beautiful sense of color, not to mention the dish that I ADORE!

Yes, I am under this Magic Spell…..  I LOVE VINTAGE in my home and I tend to add it in many homes with color, accessories, and more…BECAUSE many people have these special pieces and really don’t know what to do with them.

I have great ideas that incorporate them into your interiors, and maybe in special ways that you haven’t considered!   What are your vintage pieces?


Vintage with Sophistication


Vintage Bling?  I like.  This one should be worn, not displayed.  Just sayin’……



Vintage place settings



Rusty vintage

Don’t we love the vintage that speaks to something precious in our lives?


A precious memory, childhood, our parents, a good feeling, or good times?


And we especially love it at special times of the year…..



Vintage Christmas

My Pinterest is loaded with great vintage posts…….I keep adding special pins toVintage in All Sizes and Shapes.  FOLLOW me!

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