Light Bulb Moments

Have you ever looked at an interesting idea and thought, “ Why didn’t I think of that?!”    You know, like Velcro?  So simple, yet revolutionized our way of life!

I call them LIGHT BULB moments – like the light just switched on in my brain!

Some may be great solutions for you too…..or make you think through problem situations, anyway.  AND may be great ideas for you to use in your home and in your day to day activities.


A flat extension cord to use under a rug!


Outdoor dining idea for wine glass storage – with an old garden rake!  CUTE!


Have you ever “lost the end” of the tape?  Use a bread clip to help you out with more positive results!


A Bird Smoke Detector – I hope it chirps loudly!


A bacon scented candle to drive the dog nuts!!!


The Pasta Man sings opera when your noodles are ready…ARE YOU KIDDING ME?


A clever idea to keep dogs and kids safe!


Smart?  Yes, I have this in my bathroom drawer too!  LOVE IT and highly recommend!


Love this!  Half door/Dutch door for the Kid’s Bedroom or Playroom!


For the slinky in your toy closet, to repurpose!




Yes, please.

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