A Viewpoint

Where’s your Viewpoint?  Are you looking? A viewpoint is a loaded word that carries a lot of weight. Is it meal time conversation? A room with a view? Are you looking for simplicity? Transition? Or do you need a new perspective? Or perhaps just tweak your viewpoint a bit? Just remember HOME is where the … Continue reading

Color Ripples

What’s your color palette?   And where do you find your inspiration? Here’s a few to share with you…. Like fruit?   Cock a doodle do! I particularly like this color scheme for me!  The aged door is a great inspiration! Citrus love or just peachy? Nature inspired? Or a mental vacation? MORE found on my … Continue reading


Have you been to the beach this Summer for some “Beach Therapy”? It’s amazing how the salt air and the sound of the waves can take you to a sense of relaxation…..   Why not capitalize on this feeling and see more  Ah…..in your life! This “hammock” has my name on it…..  (literally!) Sail away….. Or bring … Continue reading

Signs, Signs! Everywhere a Sign

THIS SONG is in my head and I just can’t get it out!  Have you ever had that happen to You? There are many signs popping up everywhere…..and we tend to take note.  At least I do.  Sometimes, it’s almost as if the “sign” is there for a reason, with me in mind. Signs, Signs … Continue reading