A Viewpoint

Where’s your Viewpoint?  Are you looking? A viewpoint is a loaded word that carries a lot of weight. Is it meal time conversation? A room with a view? Are you looking for simplicity? Transition? Or do you need a new perspective? Or perhaps just tweak your viewpoint a bit? Just remember HOME is where the … Continue reading

RE- Purposing – Tried and True

Have you ever re-purposed anything in your home to result in an amazing design?  A functional design?  Or maybe a little of both? I happen to love RE-Purposing in design and if you haven’t tried it, …..you can start small, until you get the hang of it.  It’s fun!  I’ve even installed re-purposed floors from … Continue reading

The Fabulous Fox

We probably take it for granted, because if you live in ATLANTA or even GEORGIA, chances are you’ve visited the FOX for a production of some kind!  I’ve been there for movies, broadway shows, concerts, and I thought I had seen it all…..   But I hadn’t seen it all or maybe I saw it but … Continue reading

Cinco de Mayo

Do you celebrate May 5th? Actually, Cinco de Mayo is simply described by Wikipedia as simple as –  Cinco de mayo started with the Mexican forces winning the Battle of Puebla against great odds on May 5 during the French-Mexican War. People started celebrating that victory every year. Years ago, I decided that the Mexican … Continue reading