A Viewpoint

Where’s your Viewpoint?  Are you looking? A viewpoint is a loaded word that carries a lot of weight. Is it meal time conversation? A room with a view? Are you looking for simplicity? Transition? Or do you need a new perspective? Or perhaps just tweak your viewpoint a bit? Just remember HOME is where the … Continue reading


What’s your laundry list like? Large and luxurious like this one?  WOW, this is one big Laundry Room! Very well organized and compartmentalized? In neutrals or do you like color? I like organization and simplicity, myself! Yet, I do love those design additions that contribute character, as well as organization avenues!  Each person’s needs, each … Continue reading

Signs, Signs! Everywhere a Sign

THIS SONG is in my head and I just can’t get it out!  Have you ever had that happen to You? There are many signs popping up everywhere…..and we tend to take note.  At least I do.  Sometimes, it’s almost as if the “sign” is there for a reason, with me in mind. Signs, Signs … Continue reading

Perfect Pairs

Twins……come in different sizes, shapes, and subjects….. AND then TWINS can be very important in your interiors too!  TWIN BEDS are a great example of PERFECT PAIRS! And twin beds can be placed in a room with function in each situation!  Color, style, and treatments – creative elements. You can look at TWINS with a … Continue reading