LOVE Potion Number 9?

What’s the magic in this potion?  LOVE the vintage look and color palette. THESE wonderful color palettes are found in many of our vintage “goodies”….. Just look a little harder and deeper into these offerings. What would you name this Magic Spell – this hooked on vintage spell? I LOVE…..  are you hooked with the same … Continue reading

Hanging Around with Art

Are you struggling with hanging several art pieces together in a grouping? These are some fun guidelines that can certainly help, but they are guidelines, not rules of thumb that are written in stone.  As my clients know, I am pretty good at making decisions on pulling pieces together and “eyeing it in”. Here’s a … Continue reading

Coming Home…..

I LOVE the name of this book… oozes with beautiful pictures that brings it home for me….too. COMING HOME has many different connotations but for me, Coming Home would be to bring your character alive in your dream home.  It could be large or small, it could be similar to the home you grew up … Continue reading

Making it Southern Fried…

Well, it’s no secret that Southerners, true Southerners, love their Southern dishes….  Fried chicken, fried green tomatoes, fried squash and eggplant, and even expanding into fried sweets!  And the Kitchen is a favorite hang – out ~ Thanks to Paula Deen, the Southern Kitchen has become quite the place to be, if you are a … Continue reading