A Viewpoint

Where’s your Viewpoint?  Are you looking? A viewpoint is a loaded word that carries a lot of weight. Is it meal time conversation? A room with a view? Are you looking for simplicity? Transition? Or do you need a new perspective? Or perhaps just tweak your viewpoint a bit? Just remember HOME is where the … Continue reading


Have you been to the beach this Summer for some “Beach Therapy”? It’s amazing how the salt air and the sound of the waves can take you to a sense of relaxation…..   Why not capitalize on this feeling and see more  Ah…..in your life! This “hammock” has my name on it…..  (literally!) Sail away….. Or bring … Continue reading


It’s important to keep your front doors well maintained for a number of reasons…… Front doors/porches/front steps are judged at curbside first with first impressions and secondly when ringing the doorbell! Your guests and visitors will immediately be turned off with spider webs and unsightly appearances. The windows need to be clean and doors need … Continue reading

Gone Fishin’

Roughing it.  That’s putting it mildly.  I kinda think that the Holiday Inn is roughing it to be perfectly honest, but for Noah, we did a fishin’ weekend that I participated in this time! This past weekend David, Noah and I went to a lake house that was roughing it a bit….. no a whole … Continue reading