Seven years of Bad Luck? No!

I saw a Facebook post today that has prompted this blog post as a helpful hint to you, to learn from my experience…..and from theirs too. We’ve all “been there, done that” and learned a lesson in the process.  Now it’s time to share that learning curve with you so that you don’t have to … Continue reading

Light Bulb Moments

Have you ever looked at an interesting idea and thought, “ Why didn’t I think of that?!”    You know, like Velcro?  So simple, yet revolutionized our way of life! I call them LIGHT BULB moments – like the light just switched on in my brain! Some may be great solutions for you too…..or make you … Continue reading

A Viewpoint

Where’s your Viewpoint?  Are you looking? A viewpoint is a loaded word that carries a lot of weight. Is it meal time conversation? A room with a view? Are you looking for simplicity? Transition? Or do you need a new perspective? Or perhaps just tweak your viewpoint a bit? Just remember HOME is where the … Continue reading


Have you been to the beach this Summer for some “Beach Therapy”? It’s amazing how the salt air and the sound of the waves can take you to a sense of relaxation…..   Why not capitalize on this feeling and see more  Ah… your life! This “hammock” has my name on it…..  (literally!) Sail away….. Or bring … Continue reading