You had me at HELLO!

It’s OFFICIAL!  Fall is now here and it’s no secret that…. I LOVE FALL, Y’all…… Enjoy some of my favorite sights, sounds, tastes and scents of Autumn, stirred with a little nostalgia. The path to more FALL memories….. More Autumn Leaves on my Pinterest board….. Call Cumby for your design needs! 404 483 4174 or … Continue reading

Gone Fishin’

Roughing it.  That’s putting it mildly.  I kinda think that the Holiday Inn is roughing it to be perfectly honest, but for Noah, we did a fishin’ weekend that I participated in this time! This past weekend David, Noah and I went to a lake house that was roughing it a bit….. no a whole … Continue reading

The House that Built me…

Put your heart into your home…. Are you adding a touch of heart? Now, I am not talking about the hearts that you hang on the wall that were the craze a decade or so ago….with a little bit of a country look to it!   I’m talking real heart and soul! In honor of … Continue reading